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Junior Year Writing

The University of Massachusetts Amherst Junior Year Writing (JYW) Program provides all undergraduate students with practice in the writing of their chosen field of study. A groundbreaking program when instituted in 1982, JYW builds on the general writing skills that students practice in College Writing, but the main focus now is the advanced writing skills of a particular academic or professional community. The program is large, diverse, and highly decentralized. There are close to 80 separate JYW courses, administered by more than 50 departments and academic units, across eight schools and colleges, and serving nearly 4,500 students a year. The Program is a part of the overall University Writing Program and is overseen by the University Writing Committee. A PDF version of the UWC's 2007-08 Five Year Review of the Junior Year Writing Program is available.

All UMass Amherst undergraduate students pursuing the B.A. or B.S. must meet the Junior Year Writing requirement by passing the designated JYW course in their major department. Ideally, students take College Writing  in their freshman or (sometimes) sophomore year, and Junior Year Writing in their junior or (sometimes) senior year. For more information about Junior Year Writing, ask the undergraduate advisor in your major department; questions can also be addressed to your department's Junior Year Writing representative, or contact the Writing Program office.