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Instructor FAQ

I am a graduate student currently enrolled in a program at UMass Amherst. How can I apply to teach in the Writing Program? 

Graduate students currently enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Amherst may download the application in Word format or in PDF format, and email their completed application to directly to Heidi Terault

I intereviewed with the Writing Program. When will job offers be made?

Job offers are typically made between late February and April 15. There are occasions when this time window is extended beyond April 15. 

Where can I find various forms, like a no-show form or failure report form?

All forms are now Google Forms, rather than pdfs. Links to fill out these forms will be sent via email. 

How does reappointment with the Writing Program work? 

TOs in good standing within both the Writing Program and their graduate program will be considered for reappointment with the Writing Program.

We follow the department's guidelines for the number of semesters graduate students are eligible for funding:

  • MFA: 6 semesters
  • PhD: 10 semesters
  • MA/PhD: 14 semesters.

In February, we send out a memo to all current, eligible TOs inviting them to indicate whether or not they would like to be reappointed. English TOs who’ve reached their funding limits should request, at least a semester before their funding has run out, an extension from their program’s Graduate Program Director and also inform Heidi Terault in the Writing Program that they are making this request.

TOs who are beyond their eligible semesters of funding will be placed on an extension list and offered employment on an as-needed basis. More in depth information can be found in the handbook.

How does the Writing Program decide teaching assignments? 

Toward the end of each semester, TOs will receive a teaching preference form to indicate their preferred teaching scheule. Decisions regarding TO preferences for teaching assignments are based on seniority, relevant expertise and experience in a specific area, level of interest, and Writing Program staffing needs.

While efforts are made to meet preferences, there is no guarantee about receiving your top preference choice.

How are classroom locations assigned? 

All classroom location decisions are made by the Office of the University Registrar. If you have an issue with your classroom assignment, speak with Heidi in the beginning of the semester. 

How does my pay schedule work? 

UMass Amherst runs on a bi-weekly pay schedule.

Where can I access my Writing Program contract?

Contracts are delivered and signed electronically. You can access them through SPIRE: Go to Main Menu on the header bar > Student Financials > Graduate Appointments.