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Preparing for Your Tutoring Session

Visit us at any point in the writing process, even (especially!) if you haven’t written anything yet. In addition, when it comes to scheduling, consider your processes, and give yourself enough time between your session and the deadline to revise.

  • Bring a copy of your assignment. Understanding your assignment is the first step toward writing a good paper.

  • Bring all relevant materials. Bring any books, passages, or notes that will help you write your paper.

  • Think about your audience. For whom are you writing? How do you want to sound? What is your purpose in writing this paper?

  • Bring a hard copy or an electronic copy of your paper. There is no printer in the Writing Center, but we are more than happy to work with an electronic copy either on your laptop or our desktop computers.

For more specific information, check out what we do for grad, post-doc, and faculty writers.

For a complete list of our policies, go here.

For more information about online sessions, go here.