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Writing Center


Resources for Writing and Research

The tutors at the UMass Writing Center are happy to support you at any stage of writing a paper—from brainstorming and outlining to drafting and revision. Below we've compiled a collection of resources and activities to help in your writing or research process. The Writing Center also has a great collection of style guides and source books (for things such as common citation styles, writing in different academic disciplines, and grammar & mechanics) at our location in the Learning Commons. Feel free to ask about these resources at your next appointment.

The Writing Process and Revision

Are you feeling stuck in your revision process? Do you need a new perspective on your essay? Try one of the activities below.



The Research Process

Conducting academic research can be complex and challenging to students and scholars alike. The UMass Amherst Libraries provide extensive services to help student working on research projects and developing information literacy. Below is a list of helpful links to important library services.

Getting Help from Librarians

Guides and Resources

Citation Styles and Management

Quick Citation Guides

Here are a few quick guides to formatting and citation in the three most common styles. For a more comprehensive guide to citation styles, be sure to take a look at Purdue OWL.

Guides to Common Genres

Academic and professional writing can take many forms and often need to be tailor to the needs and expectations of specific audiences. Below are a few handouts for some common genres.

Helpful Links

Grammar and Usage

Resumes and Cover Letters

Topic Sentences and Transitions


If you have questions about the UMass Writing Center, please email writingcenter@acad.umass.edu.