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Appointment Policies

If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment:

  • Please let us know so that we can see others. The earlier we know, the more likely we can fit in someone else. If you have to cancel, please do at least 2 hours before your scheduled appointment. If you must cancel an appointment 30 (or fewer) minutes prior to your appointment, you will need to call the Writing Center directly at 413.577.1293. (You cannot cancel online; you must call.) See below for our policy on missed or "no-show" appointments.

  • To delete your appointment:

    1. Log in at http://umass.mywconline.com/index.php and select your appointment. A new window will open.

    2. Check the "Delete this reservation?" box at the bottom of the page.

    3. Select “Save changes.”

    4. We hope to see you back again soon! Those who miss an appointment and do not show up are marked "no-shows."

  • If you accidentally miss one appointment, we'll send you a reminder of our policies. Those with two no-shows in one semester will forfeit appointment privileges for the remainder of the semester. However, you can walk into the Writing Center to see if we have an available tutor.

Arriving late to your appointment:

  • Those who arrive fifteen or more minutes late for an appointment may be marked as a no-show if another writer is waiting to see your tutor. If you know you will be late, you will need to call the Writing Center directly at 413.577.1293.

Writers are limited to a maximum of two appointments per week. 

  • There are two main reasons for this limit. First, we'd like you to have time to develop the writing strategies that you discussed with your tutor, so it's good to have a little cushion between appointments. Second, we wish there were more of us, but unfortunately, we can only staff 4-5 tutors per hour. The appointment limit is therefore two pre-scheduled tutorial sessions per week. That said, you can try your luck and drop into the Writing Center during our open hours; if a tutor is available, then we'd be happy to see you.

No back-to-back appointments.

  • You will see that WC Online restricts scheduling two appointments in a row. Two hours of tutoring the same writer can be quite draining for tutors, and writers need time in between appointments to work on their own and develop the writing strategies discussed with the tutor.

Code of conduct:

  • The Writing Center can be a fun and fulfilling place to come in to work with peers about your writing, but we are also a professional space. As such, we expect writers who come in for appointments to adhere to UMass’ Student Code of Conduct. It is important to us that writers and tutors are able to collaborate while maintaining a friendly, but professional, relationship. Accordingly, as student employees, tutors do not provide writers with their personal contact information (including phone number and email). We ask that writers refrain from asking for this information.

Make an Appointment

Policies Regarding Covid-19 

Even though we are booking in-person sessions this semester, the Writing Center’s space is limited. Your session may have to be moved online due to space constraints and scheduling conflicts. Please check your schedule before your session to make sure you know how you will be meeting.

If you have been exposed to Covid-19 or are feeling sick:

Book a remote appointment or change your in-person appointment to an online format. You can edit your appointment by visiting our schedule, clicking your scheduled appointment, pressing ‘edit’ at the bottom of your appointment, and switching to an online format. If you are having trouble editing your appointment, please feel free to contact us for assistance.