Immigrant Voices Panels


In the summer of 2017, we proposed the Our Immigrant Voices project to the Associate Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion, Anna Branch. The idea: Let's respectfully explore the immigrant employee experience on campus, with immigrant employees as our guides and leaders. Classes began in January 2018, and then culminated in the panel displays below, first shown at the inaugural Building Bridges Showcase event in April 2018.  Later, that September, we shared the panels with international faculty, staff, and students at a convocation organized by Dr. Richard Chu.  Then, a month later, we began displaying the panels outside the Human Resources Office, on the third floor of Whitmore.  Moving forward, we continue to create new panels and organize readings, where cross sections of the campus gather at the panels to reflect and to share. These installations, where ever they reside, create a context for dialogue across difference. 

Click on the link below to see panels from the 2018 Building Bridges Showcase event.

Our Immigrant Voices PDFs