Oral Histories of Campus Workers

Since 2014, we have partnered with Professor Ellen Pader, of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, to put a human face on the frontline workforce here on campus.  Our target audience is undergraduate students.  

Professor Pader teaches Transforming Your World: An Introduction to Community Engagement.  Each year students in Professor Pader's class learn about the significance of oral history, as well as various oral history methods.  They work in teams to interview a campus employee, maybe someone from the dining commons, maybe someone from janitorial.  Professor Pader invites us into that class to talk about our experience of working with frontline workers on campus.  We also connect the class to potential oral history subjects.  By semester's end, the student teams produce an illustrated poster and an oral history of the employee interviewed. 

We have displayed the posters at several Building Bridges events.  We are looking to put some of the posters on more permanent campus display.  The stories as well are compelling and a must read.

To access the posters and the  oral histories, click here