Change is a good thing. I've come to learn.

Without it, dreams can't be realized, fantasies become an escape, and the heart can only yearn.

Certainly change doesn't happen without pain.

For some, there is a feeling of losing, some expel anger, and very, very few ever see the gain.

A change can bring peace, freedom and a

chance to stand tall;

But it is hard to feel good when the ones

that you love and the walls that protected all start to fall.

So to what depth is it safe to set sail on a sea?

One day there'll be no wind and no waves to carry me -where will I be?


The cold seeps into my being

as I stand weeping on your grave.

The flowers that were once there

wilted: now long gone and forgotten by passersby. Soil still freshly turned

too late in the season for any grass to grow.

On the spot where the earth

took you as its own.

Turning to leave I catch a reflection of you;

same chin and mouth but different

because who I see is myself.

As you come in the wind to gently

wipe away my tears,

I'm reminded that a part of you lives on in me.


The jagged edges of your memory

don't tear my flesh as they once did.

Scars you left have faded slowly

like forgotten photographs in the attic.

Pain I once felt is scattered to the wind

like dust accumulated with time.

No longer do you haunt me in my sleep

where my nightmares have you in a starring role. Weakened and lost is the grip I once gave you on my life as I've driven your scattered remnants from my mind.

 And from the ashes rises a phoenix

that becomes me.


The rock stands firm on the shoreline

as wave after wave pounds relentlessly against it.

As you once did to me

only to find that

like the rock I stand firm and you are washed out to sea with the tide.


It rained the day of your funeral. How appropriate, I thought

the weather matches my mood. I touched your hand

one final time as I said goodbye. Like the rain,

Your hand was cold and like the summer You were gone.