In this photo which I have not seen

The winter’s chill fills the morning air.

The snow falls lightly across the words we once visited.

We enter through the doorway of times past,

Of a vision once dreamed

Are the images I see of today.

Or are they too only in my mind?


Looking out onto stone faces with cold dark eyes

Sounds of a distant past, the faded dreams

Reflections of blue, with memories yet to come

For these times are but special

              The memories are you….


I sometimes go back to this place as I did not so long ago

Yesterday miles of green fields as far as the eye could see

Diamonds larger than you could touch

Water deeper than the oceans

Flying high amongst the clouds

Sounds of laughter from far off young voices

Today the fields are small

The diamonds just for little league

The water is a swimming pool

The swings rusted

The voices silent

But for me, it’ll always be yesterday.