Haiku Frenzy

Unrequired Neediness

I want comfort, hope,

intimacy, freedom, love.

I have distance, fear.               11/25/98


Close. Apart. Push. Pull.

Would freedom from fear mean we’d

stay or walk away.                  12/1/98


Precious kittens purr

looking for attention, milk,

clean litter. I growl.                12/1/98


Hurt so deep I won’t

try again. I feel pulled but

push away, close tight.           12/6/98


I want what we have,

but also so much more. Do

I hope? Or settle?                    12/7/98


Intimacy is

so slippery, hard to make

happen, hard to stop.               12/7/98


Unrequited lust.

of course you’re right, rational.

I ache anyway.                        12/8/98


Prayers Only God Can Answer

Does my mind need to

rest? Body recuperate?

Why then don’t I sleep?          12/6/98


If I only work

with others’ words, what happens

to mine? Who’ll hear me?      12/6/98


Is playing with words

work? And is it important

enough to bring sleep?            12/6/98


If I believe in

process, how can I panic

at each bump in life?               12/7/98


Living in the Solution

I am love, genius,

joy, waiting to burst open,

leave fear far behind.              12/1/98


Writer at work. Hah!

They laugh, sneer, jeer, guffaw but

I keep on alone.                       12/2/98

I pray for others.

All that I want for myself,

God please give to them.        12/4/98


Compassion for them.

Love for myself. It’s a brave

new world of hope, joy.          12/5/98


How do I value

another? Let them be them.

Open heart and learn.              12/6/98


I’m glad you’re my friend.

You let me be me while you

remain true to you.                  12/6/98


I feel jealous but

try not to glare, pout, whine, sulk

or even tell him.                      12/8/98


Raging Haikus

I started writing

haikus and now I can’t stop

even in dark night.                  12/8/98


Would my therapist

like my haiku frenzy or

see new compulsion?              12/8/98

Does haiku frenzy

limit one’s reality

or open one’s soul?                 12/8/98


Keep trying to sleep

between haikus. Mind racing

in pithy statements.                 12/8/98


Thank you for haikus.

Big anger manageable

in short statements.                 12/1/98


Write one haiku each

day, she said. Refused, and fought.

Surrender’s so sweet.              12/1/98