Worker Voice & Visibility

We have worked closely with the UMass frontline workforce for over three decades now.  It's has been an extraordinary experience.  The worker education approach has allowed us to connect deeply with participants who have shared their dreams, their challenges, their talents, their stories.  We aim to grow this section of our web site week by week.  There is much to draw upon: a dozen compilations of worker writing, seven exhibitions of worker art, 455 radio shows on social justice.  Click the menu at left to access worker writing, worker art, and worker voice.  Get a sense of our participants.  We have an awful lot to learn from each other, about each other.

Samples of Worker Art & Writing

  • Up at 4:00 Drinking Milk & Honey
    By Eugenie Harvey Micelotta

    Bullets spewn out of a gun.
    Water on the edge of bottomless falls.
    Ultimate explosion, imminent implosion.
    Integration, disintegration, trust, it’s just
    the same bursting God-awful death.

    Do you want me to be nice to you?
    I will be nice to you and you will be nice to me.  It’s just
    some what
    for what
    and tat for tits.  Call me...

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  • Iridescent Taffeta Jacket
    By Malini Sinha

    Here is an upclose photograph of a taffeta jacket.
  • Just Another Night
    By Lee Christian

    Damn, where in the hell could he have gotten to? Al and I were on our second round trip between the worksite and the company area and we still haven't found Sgt. Herman.

    He never showed up at work, although he had left the company area in his car before the rest of us had left in the truck. Now Al and I were trying...

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  • Diary
    By Sandra Haynes

    Here is a photograph of five bookshelves filled with hand-crafted diaries.
  • Exposed Spine Bookbinding Project Volume
    By Sandra Haynes

    Here is an upclose photograph of an exposed book spine, revealing the threaded detail.