Worker Voice & Visibility

We have worked closely with the UMass frontline workforce for over three decades now.  It's has been an extraordinary experience.  The worker education approach has allowed us to connect deeply with participants who have shared their dreams, their challenges, their talents, their stories.  We aim to grow this section of our web site week by week.  There is much to draw upon: a dozen compilations of worker writing, seven exhibitions of worker art, 455 radio shows on social justice.  Click the menu at left to access worker writing, worker art, and worker voice.  Get a sense of our participants.  We have an awful lot to learn from each other, about each other.

Samples of Worker Art & Writing

  • Image 2
    By Paul Ribeiro

    Here is a painting of a cross-like object against a wild and fiery collage of colors.
  • Never Volunteer
    By Lee Christian

               One of the pieces of advice Dad gave me before I enlisted was, “Never volunteer for anything.” Well here I go again. I never seemed to be able to resist volunteering, especially when it involved a trip, more or less on my own, to anywhere. And I’d done it again.

                It all started an hour or so earlier. I’d been sitting in the mess hall, drinking my second or third...

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  • Sculpture
    By Thuon Siv

  • Japan
    By Loni Edwards

    Here is a painting in the style of a Japanese print, two birds on a branch against a red sun, above a stylized water waves.
  • Secret Places: Secret – Places
    By Sally Davis


                I know so many secret places, and places of so many secrets. They’ve appeared to me sometimes by surprise. Some serve a purpose in my life, to be used as a coping tool, or they may be signs of danger or foreboding. Each has found a place in me, good or bad, where my intuition gives it birth.

                There is a hill that my mother’s property covers...

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