PWE and Furlough Unemployment Assistance Webinars: 2000 Employees Attend Live Sessions, 3000+ views of Recorded Sessions

With the onset of COVID-19 and associated revenue loss for the campus, thousands of campus employees experienced a week of furlough this past June. Starting this September, virtually all campus staff continue to be impacted. Hundreds of staff are now on extended furlough. Several thousand staff will be taking a two-week furlough this fall. More than one hundred employees are now on reduced time. At the request of the University, AFSCME Local 1776, the University Staff Association, and the Professional Staff Union, PWE has been organizing information webinars for affected employees. To date, we have offered 10 webinar sessions. Almost 2,000 employees have attended one of these webinars. There are another 3,000+ views of the webinar recordings. Stay tune for additional sessions that will be geared to employees on reduced hours.