Opportunities for UMass Students

For UMass students interested in community service and volunteering we offer several options on campus.  You may tutor in a class, work on a project or be a support aide.  While working with our learners, you can fulfill most community service learning requirements and earn credit!  We collaborate closely with our core campus partners Civic Engagement & Service-Learning (CESL), and the Commonwealth Honors College. To volunteer, please fill out the student volunteer form.

Student tutors are placed in Workplace English, Spanish (if near fluent) or Computer classes and assist instructors in weekly class sessions, or may work on projects.  We’ll provide orientation, and on request references or recommendations for students who volunteer.  Meet the people you see every day, but never get to talk to, and boost your resume.  Contact Jacob Carter or 545-1826 for more information.

"Getting to be a tutor in the Workplace Education Program English Classes allowed me to see the campus from a different perspective, the perspective of those who make my time at UMass so much better behind the scenes. I got to learn not only the names, but the unique personalities, of some of the dining hall workers who serve me #1 Dining every day. Connecting with them on a human level, I became so much more aware of their struggles as well as the wonderful people that they are and skills they have to offer outside of their job. It is now a goal of mine to help other students realize how great it would be to connect with them through the Worker Education Program."  - Jacey Woods, student tutor 2019

"This year I had the pleasure of tutoring an Intermediate English class for workers at UMass Amherst. The class was provided by the LMWEP (Labor/Management Workplace Education Program) and taught by Amy Brodigan.

In class, I helped facilitate grammar lessons, conducted one on one conversations, and helped workers better understand common English phrases. I had no prior experience working with English second language learners, before this opportunity. However, my lack of experience did not matter, Amy and the class welcomed my help and made me feel a part of something special. The workers were diverse individuals, who brought different backgrounds from all over the world. The class blended these individuals together to create a conducive environment for learning English. Workers came to every class ready to participate and learn. Credit must go to the teacher for their role in creating this environment. Amy Brodigan produced a place for workers to become better English speakers, writers, and readers.

The class provided a variety of opportunities. Workers got the chance to improve their English skills. Improving these skills will help them open new opportunities for themselves. I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people, who helped me learn a lot about myself and the society we live in. Being exposed to the variety of cultures was exciting and educational. It provided me with more understanding of challenges immigrants face in our society. I really cherish the experience and will use the experience to grow into a more well-rounded person."   - Paul Mayes, student tutor 2019