Workplace Writing Classes

The Partnership for Workplace Education offers writing classes for UMass employees, and we have also developed writing classes in partnership with other higher education, labor, community, and workplace programs. We see workplace writing as a basic skill at work as well as a pathway to creative expression, clear communication, and understanding across identities at work and beyond.

Classes are designed to include time for writing practice and exercises, free-writing, giving and receiving feedback in a safe, nonjudgmental environment, editing, design, and preparation for publication.  We believe that if you can tell a story, if you can express yourself in words, you can write.

Participants in our writing classes have published their work in collections of workplace writings at UMass, read their work at writer and artist showcases, and have participated in national workplace writing seminars and publications.

Workplace writing classes include:

  • Business Writing Basics
  • Copyedit and Proofread Like a Pro
  • Giving Voice to Workers’ Issues
  • How to Say It
  • Kindred Voices
  • Telling It Like It Is
  • We Are More than You See
  • Writing for Work
  • Writing at Work: Email
  • Writing that Works
  • Writing Our Lives
  • Writing Our UMass Stories
  • Writing for a Change
  • Writing for Transformation
  • Writing with Power and Persuasion

Questions?  Please contact Communications and Campus Career Growth Coordinator Leslie Fraser at lfraser@umass.ed