Dignity and Respect

The Partnership for Worker Education is committed to the University's goal of building a community of dignity and respect. As partners in the Campus Coalition Against Workplace Bullying, we offer workplace anti-bullying workshops for new employees, as well as active bystander classes. All of our classes invite participation and insights from learners regarding ideas for increasing respect, civility, and dignity at work. Class participants come from a wide range of jobs and departments on campus, and frequently say that their classroom experiences with learners from different classifications and areas has helped them feel that they are part of a larger community. Our classes reach beyond tolerance, giving workers skills and information to become allies and accomplices for equity in the workplace.

Dignity and respect at the workplace classes include:

  • Becoming an Active Bystander
  • Giving and Getting Repect
  • Inclusion Practices: Creating an Inclusive Workplace
  • Interrupting Racism
  • Introduction to Workplace Anti-bullying
  • Stopping Workplace Bullying
  • What If I Say the Wrong Thing?

Questions?  Please contact Communications and Campus Career Growth Coordinator Leslie Fraser at lfraser@umass.ed