Workplace Wellness Classes


The Partnership for Worker Education offers classes that support wellness at work and beyond. In partnership with the Recreation Center, Residential Life, and UMass Amherst staff and community wellness practitioners, we offer classes that help workers develop focus, flexibility, goal setting skills, healthy options, and the physical and mental stamina needed to perform their jobs. We believe that wellness classes and practices improve the quality of worklife and job performance for both workers and their employers.

Classes are offered at the Recreation Center and the Campus Center, and include lunchtime walking sessions that include information on health and wellness topics of interest to class participants. All workplace wellness classes are tailored to participants’ wellness goals and objectives.

Workplace wellness classes include:

  • Financial Wellness
  • Get Healthy UMass
  • Getting Into Gear
  • Exercises for the Workplace
  • Introduction to the Recreation Center
  • Mindfulness at Work
  • Tips and Tools for Workplace Wellness
  • Walking for Wellness
  • Yoga, Mindfulness, and Nutrition for Workplace Wellness

Questions?  Please contact Communications and Campus Career Growth Coordinator Leslie Fraser at lfraser@umass.ed