Computer Skills and Technology

To view our selection of training videos for remote work during the campus closure, please click here.

The UMass Worker Education Partnership provides a wide array of computer software and technology classes to help campus employees gain skills necessary to succeed at work, and to use at home.  We also offer customized technology training for UMass departments as well as off-campus public entities and private sector businesses.  See below for computer class and workshop offerings.  

Our goal is to motivate and empower technology users, whether beginner or advanced, to acquire new technology skills and the confidence to use new computer software.  Taught by experienced and tech savvy instructors, computer classes include helpful handouts and job aids for continued learning outside of the classroom.  With small class sizes, our learning environment is designed to provide hands-on time to practice and develop practical skills. 

The on-campus computer classes are free and beginner friendly unless noted.  Our dedicated computer classroom is centrally located in Dickinson Hall and frequently upgraded.  Help desk assistance and short-term individual instruction is available on request.  Please contact us for more information on all the computer class or workshop options.

Our computer classes and technology workshops include:

  • Introduction to Computers
  • Upgrade Your Skills with MS Office 365
  • Google Apps at UMass: Working in the Cloud
  • Introduction to MS Excel
  • Intermediate MS Excel
  • Introduction to MS Access
  • How to Apply for UMass Jobs with PageUp
  • Computer Security Best Practices
  • Introduction to Canva
  • Introduction to Adobe Acrobat
  • Introduction to InDesign
  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Introduction to HTML & CSS
  • Introduction to Drupal
  • UMass Web Accessibility: Learn How to Enhance the User Experience
  • Exploring Mobile for Diverse Users: iOS and Android Accessibility
  • Inclusive Communication: Creating Accessible Word, PDF & PowerPoint Documents
  • Social Media and Computer Tools
  • Making the Most of Your Smartphone or Tablet
  • Introduction to Computers and Online Paychecks
  • Introduction to UMass email, the Web and Facebook
  • Computer Tips You Always Wanted to Know
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Digital Photography Basics 

Questions?  Please contact our lead computer instructor, Fran Fortino, at