2023 Building Bridges Showcase



Connection ~ Solidarity ~ Resilience ~  Support ~ Kindness ~ Joy ~ Calm 

Transcending Division 

Building Bridges draws on the power of solidarity and creative expression to bring people together and create a bridge across difference.


Welcome to the 2023 Building Bridges Showcase landing page!


Tuesday, April 4th, 12:00 - 7:00

Randolph W. Bromery Center for the Arts Atrium


More than 70 participants:

Frank Aronson, Dede Beach, Peter Beebe, Jackie Bishop, Axel Boy, Summer Cable, Jennifer Cannella, Aman Chuwan, Lillian Coleman, Cathy Collins, Patti Cromack, Sally Davis, Tony Deni, Joe DeNoronha, Shara Denson, Alysha Desharnais, Loni Edwards,

Hind Elkalai, Chris Ellis, Brett Felix, Wayne Gagnon, Hui Gao, Monica Garcia, Karen Hakala, Eugenie Harvey, Paula Hodecker, Andrew Humpel, Jennifer Jacobson, Sarah Jarman, Ebru Kardan, Joanne Keller, Carey Kelly, Lisa Korpiewski,

Carol Landry, Leesa Lesenski, Don MacLeod Katy Maher, Pam Mandler, Elise Manning, Mara Martins, Matthew Mattingly, Virginia McLaurin, Christine Mirabal, Anthony Nepal, Julie Pallant, Nate Parker, Ludmilla Pavlova Gillham, Sally Prasch, Ismael Putz,

Elise Raskevitz, Owen Reese, Chelsea Reilly, Alyssa Rusiecki, Katie Sadler, Myles Sanders, Melissa Scheid Frantz, Jennifer Shiao, Risa Silverman, Malini Sinha, Thoun Siv, Justin Smith, Pamela Stawasz, Michelle St. Martin,

Simon Stevenson, Nikki StoiaMidori Tabery, Matt Thornton, Donna Vanasse, Kabita Wait, Laura Wildman-Hanlon, David Wilson, Jia Zhuang, Fred Zinn





12:00 Catering by UMass Dining

12:30 - 1:00 Our Immigrant Voices Reading


Workshops 12:00 - 4:00

  • Stained Glass with Cathy Collins 

  • Embroidery with Dede Beach 

  • Kindness Cards with Lisa Korpiewski 

  • Painting with Mara Martins 


Art Demonstrations 12:00 - 4:00

  • 16th & 17th Century Costume Design with Axel Boy 

  • Miniatures with David Wilson 

  • Fly Tying with Matt Thornton 

  • Tumblers with Kabita Wait 


4:30: Catering by UMass Dining

4:30 - 7:00 Live Music and Poetry

  • Myles Jeh 

  • UMass Unions United Labor Chorus: Donna Vanasse, Nikki Stoia, Jackie Bishop, Risa Silverman, Marie Duteau, Lynnette Arnold, Pamela Stawasz, Alysha Desharnais, Don MacLeod

  • Peter Beebe 

  • Christine Mirabal 

  • Brett Felix 

  • Anthony Nepal, Chris Ellis & Adam Zucker 


Worker Artist Reception at the Science and Engineering Library, 2019



Random Acts of Kindness Through Art and Song at the Fine Arts Center, 2023



Partnership for Worker Education and Building Bridges Our Immigrant Voices pop-up and lunch, 2019



Random Acts of Kindness Through Art


Building Bridges participants are giving free art to members of our campus community as random acts of kindness. 



Participants featured in the Random Acts of Kindness Through Art campaign include Andrew Humpel, Chelsea Reilly, Christine Mirabal, David Wilson, Donna Vanasse, Elise Raskevitz, Frank Aronson, Jackie Bishop, Jennifer Jacobson, Julie Pallant, Katie Sadler, Lisa Korpiewski, Loni Edwards, Malini Sinha, Melissa Scheid Frantz, Michelle St. Martin, Midori Tabery, Nikki Stoia, Owen D Reese, Sarah Jarman, Virginia McLaurin and Wayne Gagnon.


Find your free art! Stations will be set up in the following locations:


Whitmore Administration Building

300 & 400 Venture Way 

Goodell Building

Life Sciences Laboratory

Machmer Hall

South College

Draper Hall


Phyiscal Plant

Crotty Hall



Building Bridges participants would like to share these works of art with you, as a “random act of kindness.”

Constructing a future that prioritizes collective struggle and love over division requires empathy and kindness along with engagement on critical social issues. 

Over the years, our Worker Artist group has centered creative expression as a way to lift each other up during difficult times. We hope that this art brings you joy, hope, inspiration. 

We also invite you to consider what random and radical act of kindness you may be able to share with a friend, family member, our UMass community or with the world.

And, please join us at our annual Building Bridges Showcase Event

April 4th, from 12:00 – 7:00 at the Randolph W. Bromery Center for the Arts here on campus.