The awards and recognition, listed below, hint at the unique breadth and depth of our program.

Awards and Citations

  • Cited by the Massachusetts State Senate for Exemplary, Innovative, and Successful Worker Education Services
  • Cited by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the English Works Campaign for Workplace English Offerings, presented by the Lieutenant Governor
  • Cited by the College and University Personnel Association for “Next Steps” Empowerment Offerings
  • Cited by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for Partnership Efforts
  • Cited by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for Effective Program Design


  • By the Association of Joint Labor and Management Workplace Educational Programs for Attention to Issues of  Caste and Class
  • By the US Secretary of Labor for Worker Education Services
  • By the Regional Workforce Development Board for Recruitment Efforts
  • By Commonwealth Corporation for Older Worker Education and for Effective Pre-Apprenticeship Education
  • By The Stone Center for Innovative and Effective Teaching Techniques

Media Coverage

  • The New York Times for Innovative Education at the Workplace
  • The Washington Post for Efforts on Behalf of Early Childhood Educators
  • Archdiocese of Springfield Television for Commitment to Social Justice and Diversity
  • Promoted (via national down-link video) by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for Effective Worker Involvement
  • More than 15 media articles about the program


What follows below are three sample testimonials, rotations from a larger pool.  

Patricia Crosby

Executive Director, Masshire Franklin Hampshire

If the UMass Workplace Education Program is involved, we know the instruction will be high quality, innovative, and effective. Our experience is that LMWE knows how to connect with learners---knows how to make education in the workplace both enjoyable and meaningful.  They are tops.

Dawn Bond

Director, Residential Life Operations

I think that the Workplace Education program is important to staff at UMass because it allows for opportunity to further enhance their skills and abilities beyond their position. Some staff are taking English as a second language, while others are perhaps participating in programs like Building Bridges and they are able to express their talents through art or expression.

David Kushi

Assistant Manager, Hampshire Dining Commons

The Labor/Management Workplace Education program has really helped us throughout the years, with English speaking classes at various dining commons I’ve been a part of running and managing. The services they provide, especially the English speaking classes, help provide a community for most of these people, where they could not communicate, they could not write, they want to do that in English. It makes them feel part of the team and it makes it a better team.