The awards and recognition, listed below, hint at the unique breadth and depth of our program.

Awards and Citations

  • Cited by the Massachusetts State Senate for Exemplary, Innovative, and Successful Worker Education Services
  • Cited by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the English Works Campaign for Workplace English Offerings, presented by the Lieutenant Governor
  • Cited by the College and University Personnel Association for “Next Steps” Empowerment Offerings
  • Cited by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for Partnership Efforts
  • Cited by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for Effective Program Design


  • By the Association of Joint Labor and Management Workplace Educational Programs for Attention to Issues of  Caste and Class
  • By the US Secretary of Labor for Worker Education Services
  • By the Regional Workforce Development Board for Recruitment Efforts
  • By Commonwealth Corporation for Older Worker Education and for Effective Pre-Apprenticeship Education
  • By The Stone Center for Innovative and Effective Teaching Techniques

Media Coverage

  • The New York Times for Innovative Education at the Workplace
  • The Washington Post for Efforts on Behalf of Early Childhood Educators
  • Archdiocese of Springfield Television for Commitment to Social Justice and Diversity
  • Promoted (via national down-link video) by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for Effective Worker Involvement
  • More than 15 media articles about the program


What follows below are three sample testimonials, rotations from a larger pool.  

Leslie Marsland

President, University Staff Association

As the president of almost a thousand members, I think that it is very important department heads and the administration recognizes that these courses and workshops provided by workplace education are very important. They really help members and staff to hone in on their skills, to make the workload much easier, to make them better equipped to serve their departments. And I really urge them to allow members to take these courses.

Joe Malinowski

President, AFSCME Local 1776

As president of Local 1776, I think Workplace Education is a very important part of everybody’s everyday work here.  Employees have the opportunity to take classes, employees like me, a long time employee. There are courses geared toward specifically Auxiliary Enterprises, there’s also ones dedicated to our maintainers and our custodial folks. It’s got to be very hard for someone to come to work and not understand and not have any knowledge of what people are saying to them and how to do your job effectively and how do you succeed. Classes allow these folk to succeed.

Julie Nelson

former Personnel Coordinator, UMass Housing and Residential Life

Many staff from Housing and Residence Life have participated in classes through Labor/Management Workplace Education.  They get rave reviews and are appreciated by employees.  The idea for a worker radio program came from a Maintainer and for many years, workers' voices have been heard through these interviews.  I'm privileged to be on the Advisory Board and grateful to be of assistance in support of this amazing program.