Frequently Asked Questions

I opted to take a course to set an example for my granddaughter who dropped out of school.   I'm sixty-nine years old.  I want to be a role model for herM. King

People take our courses for various reasons:

  • to sharpen workplace skills
  • to gain new workplace skills
  • to broaden horizons
  • to make a difference
  • to acquire that sense of enrichment that comes with taking a course
  • to advance a career.

Register for classes!

All of our offerings are free to participants, excepting some costs related to licensure.

It depends on the course:

  • Our campus-wide offerings, advertised online and through our semester brochure:  We prioritize campus classified and professional employees.
  • Department-funded WE offerings: The funding department prioritizes participants to be served. 
  • Our Community Works pre-apprenticeship program: We prioritize greater Springfield and Holyoke adults for entry.
  • Our Southern Hilltowns Adult Education Center: Eligibility is limited to Southern Hilltowns residents.

Our approach.  We are worker-centered.  We encourage education for empowerment.  We are a partnership program; all that we do we do in partnership.  See Our Approach for more details. 


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