Building Bridges Virtual Showcase


Connection ~ Solidarity ~ Resilience ~  Support ~ Kindness ~ Fun ~ Calm ~  Transcending Division

Building Bridges draws on the power of solidarity and creative expression to bring people together and create a bridge across difference.




Featuring more than 55 current and retired UMass staff members, including UMass Alumni.

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The Chancellor’s Welcome Message to the Building Bridges Virtual Showcase


Archive Video (June 30 @ 12:00) - Our Immigrant Voices Presentation

Archive Video (June 30 @ 8:00 PM) - Wallace Field

Archive Video (July 1) Wayne Gagnon Sketching (and reminiscing) 

Archive Video (July 1) Message from Neferetiti Walker from the Office of Equity and Inclusion & Lisa Korpiewski and Karen Hakala demonstrate Gelli Printing 

Archive Video (July 7) Lisa Korpiewski and Karen Hakala: Gelli Printing Techniques

Archive Video (July 7) Building Bridges Statement read by Donna Vanasse and Jacob Carter & Sandra Haynes reading "Rounding Corrections"

Archive Video (July 8) Malini Sinha demonstrates Shibori Dye Process

Archive Video (July 8) Sandra Haynes shares her art book "Compression"

Archive Video (July 9) Wallace Field

Archive Video (July 9) Myles Jéh & Closing Fireworks

Building Bridges
Virtual Showcase

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June 30 - July 9

Connection ~ Solidarity ~ Resilience 
Support ~ Kindness ~ Fun ~ Calm
Transcending Division

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Tues, July 7 @ 12:00 and 8:00
Sandra Haynes
12:00 - 12:30
A Reading:
Rounding Corrections 

Join Sandra Haynes for a reading of her award-winning story "Rounding Corrections" and enter into a world where a banking AI becomes sentient and compassionate after watching people weeping at their financial statements. Haynes envisions what it would look like if human beings lived with financial security as a result of universal basic income. 

Lisa Korpiewski & Karen Hakala
8:00 - 8:30

Art Demonstration:
Gelli Printing Part II

Join Lisa and Karen for Part II of their Gelli Printing demonstration. Learn about more advanced techniques and view samples from their home studios. 


Wed, July 8 @ 12:00 and 8:00

12:00 - 12:30

Malini Sinha
Art Demonstration: 
Shibori Dye Process

Join Malini to learn about the Shibori Dye process. Malini was drawn to Shibori due to her fascination with fabric manipulation through various techniques- layering, folding, stitching, tying, binding, dyeing, quilting, to name a few. See step-by-step examples and become inspired to start your own
Sandra Haynes
8:00 - 8:30
Art Demonstration:

Sandra's art book "Compression" was created from decommissioned university papers and incorporates economic, social justice and environmental themes as it relates to Coal country. Using punch cards from the library, this book tells a story in a unique format. Sandra will show us how the book opens and unfolds by pulling the cards from the pockets. She will also read some of the titles and discuss how she takes a concept/issue and materializes it into an artwork.

Thurs, July 9 @ 12:00 and 8:00
Chelsie Field
12:00 - 12:30

A second-time Building Bridges worker-artist, Chelsie Field ‘15 performs folk-rock under the moniker “Wallace Field.” Her music is “marked by her crystalline voice and unflinchingly honest, personal vocals” (The Recorder, 2020), with the Valley Advocate recently drawing comparisons to Joan Baez. Wallace Field is currently working on her debut album. 

Myles Sanders
8:00 - 8:30

Myles Jéh (pronounced Jay) is a charismatic and captivating singer/rapper who can guarantee an entertaining performance. His story-telling lyrics and smooth approach to bass-filled beats creates a dynamic sound that will take you on a ride. A few performance highlights include performing on BET Network's 106 & Park, sharing the stage with Jennifer Hudson, and opening up for Kirstin Maldonado of Pentatonix. He has performed at several Pride Festivals along the East Coast and collaborates with public school districts to encourage the youth to participate in performing arts. You may find his music on all streaming platforms; by visiting his website (; or by following him on social media (Facebook: Myles Jeh | Instagram: @mylesjeh | Twitter: @mylesjeh | YouTube: Myles Jeh).

Closing Fireworks
8:30 - 8:35
Filmed by Michelle St. Martin

Going out with a bang, these fireworks were filmed by Michelle St. Martin at the 250th anniversary celebration of Conway, MA. Thank you so much for joining this year's Building Bridges Virtual Showcase + a huge thanks to our Planning Team.

Digital Galleries

Check out this week's artists
on our 

Each New Day, A New Gallery, New Artists

June 30, July 1, 7, 8 and 9

Gallery 3 - Launching July 7!


Photography, Glass Art, Card Making, Snippet Art, Weaving + Homemade Soaps! 

Katy Maher

Allen Martel
Matthew Mattingly
Paul Papierski

Nate Parker

Jody Powell
Elise Raskevitz
Lorna Ritz
Pam Rooney
Cathy Russell

Weaving by Cathy Russell
Glass Art by Allen Martel

Gallery 4 - Launching July 8!


Photography, Painting, Fly Tying, Hubcap Creations, Shibori Dye Process, Wood Carving, Cardboard Creations, Figurines, Video Performances + More! 

Michelle St. Martin
Matt Thornton
Donna Vanasse
Lisa West
David Wilson
Jia Zhuang
Fred Zinn

Melissa Scheid Frantz
Rebecca Schmidt
Liz Scott
Laurie Simmons
Malini Sinha
Thoun Siv
Al Sorenson

Musical Performances
by Donna Vanasse
Shibori Silk Scarf Process by Malini Sinha
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Video Archives now available!
  • Our Immigrant Voices Presentation

  • Live Music from Chelsie Field

  • Lisa & Karen Demonstrate Gelli Printing

  • Wayne Gagnon Sketches & Reminisces

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A Round of Applause for the Building Bridges Planning Team!

This group has been working together, some since January, to prepare an outstanding Showcase for the participants and for the UMass Community. Truly this would not have been possible without them. 

Chelsie Field
Donna Vanasse
Lisa Korpiewski
Loni Edwards  
Malini Sinha  
Mara Martins
Michelle St. Martin  
Myles Sanders
Nicholas Chavez
Sandra Haynes  
Sarah Jarman

Joe Connolly



Building Bridges Virtual Showcase Poster. June 30-July 9.