The University of Massachusetts Amherst

This I Believe: Voices from the Youth Writing Adventure at UMass

March 25, 2019

Back in 1951, when describing his new radio series, journalist Edward R. Murrow wrote, "This I Believe. By that name, we present the personal philosophies of thoughtful men and women in all walks of life. In this brief space, a banker or a butcher, a painter or a social worker, people of all kinds who need have nothing more in common than integrity, a real honesty, will write about the rules they live by, the things they have found to be the basic values in their lives." 

On March 12, 2019, about two dozen area students brainstormed, wrote, and recorded their This I Believe personal philosophies as part of a Youth Writing Adventure 2019 workshop on personal narratives. Rather than recording on tape, our students used their phones to record their belief statements as podcasts. In her statement, Maddy K, from the Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School, share her belief in the power of hope, and how she believes hope is forever and infinite. 

Listen to Maddy's This I Believe podcast

-- by Jack Czajkowski, WMWP TC