Crowdfunding Creativity: WMWP’s Youth Writing Adventure Inspires Young Writers

December 2, 2017

Every March for many years, up to 200 students from multiple schools, especially underserved urban and rural public schools, gathered on the UMass Amherst campus to participate in the Western Massachusetts Writing Project’s Youth Writing Adventure, including interactive writing workshop sessions spanning genres from short stories to poetry to screenplays to songs.

Every year, that is, until funding cuts discontinued the program for a decade. However, two years ago, generous supporters revived the Youth Writing Adventure through crowdfunding. Popular among students, this program offers creative and exploratory literacy experiences for underserved youth, who often lack similar opportunities in their regular educational programs.

The impact of WMWP’s Youth Writing Adventure lasts far beyond the day of the program. A full-day college campus experience with lunch and materials introduces a sense of confidence and belonging within campus scholarship for students who may never have imagined a place in college, and after the workshop students polish their pieces for publication and receive a paperback anthology of their writing.

In order to make the 2018 Youth Writing Adventure a possibility, WMWP has launched a MinuteFund crowdfunding  campaign with a goal of $5,000 by the end of 2017 to fund the program, including workshops, lunches, and publications. We have reached 11% of that goal on the first few days of the campaign. Can you help put us over?

Check out this short video to learn more about the program: 


In addition to encouraging students’ growth in writing and introducing them to a community of higher education, each donation will help to offer professional development for the program teachers. The generosity of supporters has made the revival of Youth Writing Adventures possible, and we hope that you will consider being a supporter this year! Donations can be made through this link:

All gifts support youth creativity, personal growth, and community development, and are greatly appreciated! Thank you for help.