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Chalk Talk Articles

Almost every month, Northampton's Daily Hampshire Gazette publishes a reflective article on education or the classroom by a WMWP Teacher-Consultant.

Below is an archive of these articles in reverse chronological order. Click on the links to download PDFs. Many of the articles are also available online to Gazette subscribers.


2019 - 2020

Michael Braidman (March 2020): Read his article, "Writing...It's Nothing Personal, Until It Is"

Molly Watkins (February 2020): Read her article, "The Case for Spelling"

erin feldman (January 2020): Read her article, "Being with What Is: Mindfulness in the Classroom"

Melissa Strelke (December 2019): Read her article, "Creating a Space for Writing."

Chris Rea (Novemeber 2019): Read his article, "Working Alongside Students."

Lauren Mattone (October 2019): Read her article, "Never Say Never."

Kevin Hodgson (September 2019): Read his article, "Of Dreams and Aspirations."


2018 - 2019

Bruce Penniman (June 2019): Read his article, "In Praise of Teacher Leadership."

Alicia Lopez (May 2019): Read her article, "Writing in the Family."

Kevin Hodgson (April 2019): Read his article, "The Kids They Once Were."

Shannon Brisbois (March 2019): Read her article, "Remember the Ladies, All Year Long."

Michelle Turner-Bernhard (February 2019): Read her article, "Going Back to the Basics: Radical Love in the Classroom."

Anna Rita Napoleone (January 2019): Read her article, "Better to Know More Than Less."

erin feldman (December 2018): Read her article, "How the Writing Process Grows Us Up."

Jennifer Murphy (November 2018): Read her article, "Wonder in the World."

Jack Czajkowski (October 2018)Read his article, "Pioneering Personal Pathways."

Karen Pleasant (September 2018)Read her article, "The Intrusions of the World on the Classroom."


2017 - 2018

Kevin Hodgson (June 2018)Read his article, "Of Archers, Actors and Artists."​

erin feldman (May 2018): Read her article, "Critiquing Prose Leads Teens to Connect."

Leslie Skantz-Hodgson (April 2018): Read her article, "The Future of Civic Engagement."

Alicia Lopez (March 2018): Read her article, "My ‘Saudade’ as Strong as Ever."

Kevin Hodgson (February 2018): Read his article, "The Games They Make."

Courtney Hagar (January 2018): Read her article, "Building Bridges to Out Students."

Michael Silverstone (December 2017): Read his article, "'Row, Row, Row your Boat': Learning and Teaching in the Round."​

Molly Watkins (November 2017): Read her article, "The Power of Picture Books."

Heather Hay (October 2017): Read her article, "Crafting a Written Argument."​

Kevin Hodgson (September 2017): Read his article, "Sparking a Love of Independent Reading."


2016 - 2017

Momodou Sarr and Bruce Penniman (June 2017): Read their article, "Confronting the Danger of a Single Story."

Nina Kunimoto (May 2017): Read her article, "Deliberation. Debate. Democracy."

Leslie Skantz-Hodgson (April 2017): Read her article, "Watching the World, and Writing It."

Andrea Griswold (February 2017)Read her article, "To Be Known, to Tell Stories."

Will Bangs (January 2017)Read his article, "Staying Gold in the Classroom."

Kristen Iverson (December 2016)Read her article, "Through Literature, We Become More Human."

Anne Marie Osheyack (November 2016): Read her article, "The Art of Purposeful Personal Teaching."

Tom Fanning (October 2016): Read his article, "Math via Spreadsheets."

Kevin Hodgson (September 2016): Read his article, "Presidential Politics for Young People."


2015 - 2016

Kevin Hodgson (June 2016): Read his article, "Go Forth and Write Your World."

Elizabeth Devlin (April 2016): Read her article, "At the Core."

Christopher Rea (March 2016): Read his article, "Why Read Homer's Odyssey?"

Leslie Skantz-Hodgson (November 2015): Read her article, "A Teacher's Voice."

Johanna Greenough and Marian Parker (August 2015): Read their article, "Co-Teaching Brings Strength in Numbers."

Amber O'Reilly (July 2015): Read her article, "A Teacher's Voice."


2014 - 2015

Christopher Rea (April 2015): Read his article, "Motivating Students to Find their Voices."

Katie Richardson (March 2015): Read her article, "In a Teacher's Voice."

Justin Eck (January 2015): Read his article, "In a Teacher's Voice."

Anne Marie Osheyack (December 2014): Read her article, "In a Teacher's Voice."

Emily Lent Hemingway (September 2014): Read her article,"Chalk Talk."


2013 - 2014

Michele Turner Bernhard (April 2014): Read her article, "The 'True Grit' of 'The American Dream'."

Alicia Lopez (January 2014): Read her article, "A Teacher's Voice."

Anne Marie Osheyack (November 2013): Read her article, "The Balance of Time."

William Bangs (October 2013): Read his article, "A Teacher's Voice."

Kevin Hodgson (September 2013): Read his article, "My MOOC Experience."


2012 - 2013

Kevin Hodgson (April 2013): Read his article, "Raising Up Our Voices."

Jack Czajkowski (March 2013): Read his article, "A Teacher's Voice."

Lauren Mattone (December 2012): Read her article, "How An Amherst Teacher Uses Twitter."


Read older Daily Hampshire Gazette articles by Momodou Sarr, Kevin Hodgson, Alicia Lopez, Julia Spencer Robinson, Michael Braidman, and Leslie Skantz-Hodgson.