The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Pat Hunter Award for Outstanding Teacher Leadership

The Pat Hunter Award for Outstanding Teacher Leadership is given annually in memory of Pat Hunter, one of the founding co-directors of WMWP, who died in 1999.  A teacher and professional development leader in the Springfield Public Schools, she was an outstanding teacher and teacher leader. Pat was a fierce advocate for teachers and students, recognizing them as the best hope for improving education. As she wrote in "Writing Teachers, Schools, Access, and Change," 1998, "... if given the most modest of opportunities, students and teachers can themselves be agents of change: by initiating change in their own situations, they can begin the work of institutional change."

While also being prescient about the coming impact of technology on learning, Pat also stressed that teachers should drive that change: "Much has been written about how technology will revolutionize education. Our experience suggests that technology will indeed revolutionize education, but that the principal agents of change will and should be teachers."

To honor Pat Hunter, this award recognizes a member of the WMWP community who has contributed substantially to the work of WMWP and who best exemplifies the values that Pat embodied in her work with teachers and writers.

Alicia Lopez (2018)
Jane Baer-Leighton (2017)
Karen Miele (2016)
Leslie Skantz-Hodgson (2015) 
Anne Herrington (2014)
Jack Czajkowski (2013)
Dawn Fontaine (2012)
Susan Connell Biggs (2011)
Bruce Penniman (2010)
Kevin Hodgson (2009)
Charles Moran (2008)
Charlotte Lak (2007)
Pam Howes (2006)
Wilma Ortiz (2005)
Karen Sumaryono (2004)
Diana Callahan (2003)
Joanne Wisniewski (2002)
Bonnie Moriarty (2001) 
Mary-Ann DeVita Palmieri (2000)