Podcast Upload Instructions

  1. Make sure that your file is in .mp3 format.
    1. In Samplitude or Adobe Audition, import the CD content (or any other audio source) and go to File > Save As> MP3.
  2. Go to the WMUA homepage and click on the Podcast button above the listen live button.
  3. Click on "Admin" in the top right-hand corner.
  4. Log in. If you need the login information email the tech director with your DJ name, and the name of your show at tech@wmua.org
  5. Click on "New Podcast."
  6. Click on "Browse" next to File*.
  7. Find the folder you wish to extract the file from and choose the file and click "open".
  8. Enter a title for the podcast.
  9. Enter a short description.
  10. Choose a category.
  11. Add extra information if you would like to (this includes iTunes keywords, Explicit content yes/no, or author name/email).
  12. Click "Upload Episode".
  13. You are DONE!