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Working Through Conflict: Inviting change in seemingly stubborn environments

Have you ever felt as though no matter what you said, someone was set in their destructive ways?  Did it seem as though they did the opposite in spite of your suggestions?  Have you been frustrated by the continuously destructive actions of your employees, coworkers, or supervisors? 

This workshop is centered on The Arbinger Institute's "The Anatomy of Peace" and "Leadership and Self Deception".  Both books try to understand the heart of conflict and ask what we can do to be most effective in inviting change in others.

You will learn:

  • To be aware of how we currently see others and how we see our environments
  • How to understand what is preventing true change from occurring
  • How to apply these concepts to your work and home life to move forward
Available To: 
UMass faculty, staff and the public
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