What's Available To Support You

There are many campus resources to support you in your role as a supervisor. No one has to go it alone.

When you have questions:

First contact your own manager and/or personnel coordinator in your area. For area-specific help, you can also contact the Administrative Officers of each Vice Chancellery:

Please see Support Offices for Supervisors and Managers for full listing.

Overview of the Benefits Office's Services

Provides UMass Amherst faculty and staff with benefits policy interpretation and benefit information.

Video: Kelly Pleasant, Benefits Supervisor

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Labor Relations Information

Management administration/interpretation of Union Contracts. (Faculty and GEO contracts are administered by the Provost's office.)

Video: Nick Marshall, Director, Labor Relations

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Workplace Learning & Development

Provides professional growth and development opportunities for employees, supervisors and managers, and organizations including:

Video: Linda Marchesani, Director, Workplace Learning & Development

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The Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity (EOD)

Responsible for overseeing, monitoring, investigating and implementing all policies related to Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.

Video: Overview of EOD services and policies, Debora Ferreira, Executive Director, EOD

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Ombuds Office

Helps to resolve conflicts; provides a neutral third party and mediates disputes.

Video: Overview of the Ombuds' Services, Catherine Porter, Ombudsperson

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Supervisor and Manager Toolkit

This resource details the services listed above and many more - including University Policies and Procedures - to assist you in your supervisory role. Take a few moments to explore or bookmark it for future reference.

Faculty Staff Assistance program (FSAP)

FSAP is an assistance and counseling program for all staff on campus.

  • Assists employees in addressing workplace concerns as well as personal and family issues including individual, couples, and family counseling.
  • Provides supervisory consults.
  • Provides referrals to off-campus services.
  • Offers Workplace Violence Risk Assessments

A Message from Tim Scott

Tim ScottMy name is Tim Scott. I'm the director of the faculty and staff assistance program at UMass Amherst. FSAP is a free and confidential counseling consultation and referral service for all UMass employees as well as Amherst Pelham school district employees and five college credit union employees.

One of our important services we provide for supervisors is what we call supervisory consultations. and what we do with that is if a supervisor has a concern about an employee, that is related to any type of personal concerns, behavioral changes, then we make ourselves available to consult with a supervisor around those concerns either preferably in person or over the phone.

And with that we can help assess the situation and then work with the supervisor to develop an appropriate intervention. But within that we want to make it clear that no employees can be mandated to our services. So what we often do is sit down with the supervisor talk about what our concerns are and then develop a strategy of encouraging an employee to come see us or how a supervisor can work directly with an employee and being able to address some personal concerns.

Another service we provide is at times programs and departments on campus there is some sort of critical incident that occurs, where an employee within the department has had some sort of traumatic event in their lives. Sometimes it’s a death or injury or illness that occurs. It has an impact on everybody in the department and so it's natural for people to want to be able to process that. And for us to come in and offer what we call a debriefing. It's very informal and not a lot of pressure but allow people to talk about what’s come up around such events and we can organize that and gear our intervention for a group, or a group of employees, based upon the specifics of what has occurred.

FSAP also offers support groups. We try to offer at least two to four per academic year. And those support groups are geared towards a lot of the many needs that are common for people but also specific for employees. It can be common for supervisors and employees to have various types of relationships and sometimes those relationships can become a little bit more personal in nature or a supervisor can feel pulled to enter into a more personal supportive relationship with an employee and I think it's really important to know for supervisors to know that counseling an employee is not going to be helpful and it can really interfere with the appropriate relationship between an employee and supervisor and so what is helpful is for supervisors to know that they can refer employees here for counseling services and not feel like they have to have the responsibility to entering a counseling relationship with the employees they supervise.

The faculty and staff assistance program participates in a community called the risk assessment team which is comprised of FSAP as well as other groups on campus. And what we do is if a supervisor has a concern about an employee's behavior that may pose some type of direct threat or even indirect threat to violence against self or others then the supervisor can contact one of the team members; be it FSAP, labor relations, ombud’s office and be able to consult with us to discuss your concerns then we can determine with you if it's appropriate that we convene a risk assessment team meeting with a manager and supervisor to assess the situation and then determine the appropriate intervention.

The faculty and staff assistance program is an employee assistance program. and what I think is unique about FSAP is that we not only assess and refer employees to appropriate services on or off campus but we also provide in house services and those are clinical services involving rage and mental health issues that an employee may be struggling with or any type of interpersonal conflict that may be happening or any family issue.

Our office is located on the bottom floor of university health services. We can be accessed by calling our number at (413) 545-0350 or emailing us or stopping on our office between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. We're happy to answer any questions and schedule appointments that are convenient for employees and supervisors to discuss any concerns that may come up. We pride ourselves in making ourselves available to employees as well as their immediate family members to provide direct services and try to resolve those issues and if needed to make a referral to an outside provider. And our service is a free benefit for employees and it’s important that all employees as well as their supervisors know that we do exist and how to contact us and it’s as easy and just giving a call. If there is any questions we're happy to answer them.

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