Workplace Learning & Development

Promoting Employee and Organizational Growth and Development
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What's Available to Support You

There are many campus resources to support you in your role as a supervisor. No one has to go it alone.

When you have questions:

First contact your own manager and/or personnel coordinator in your area. For area-specific help, you can also contact the Administrative Officers of each Vice Chancellery/Executive Area:

Please see Support Offices for Supervisors and Managers for full listing.

Faculty Staff Assistance Program

FSAP is an assistance and counseling program for all staff on campus.

  • Assists employees in addressing workplace concerns as well as personal and family issues including individual, couples, and family counseling.
  • Provides supervisory consults.
  • Provides referrals to off-campus services.
  • Offers Workplace Violence Risk Assessments

A Message from Tim Scott

I am director of the faculty and staff assistance program at UMass Amherst. FSAP is a free and confidential counseling consultation and referral service for all UMass employees as well as Amherst Pelham school district employees and five college credit union employees.

One of our important services we provide for supervisors is what we call supervisory consultations. and what we do with that is if a supervisor has a concern about an employee, that is related to any type of personal concerns, behavioral changes, then we make ourselves available to consult with a supervisor around those concerns either preferably in person or over the phone. For more information, see FSAP Guidelines for Supervisors.