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Using Microsoft Excel 2016

Available To: 
UMass faculty and staff

Pre-requisites:  Ability to use a Windows computer (including the mouse and keyboard), to create a new document, open an existing document, and save a document. 

Microsoft Excel 2016 is about more than crunching numbers!  Learn what it can do and how best to use it.  Participants who attend all three consecutive sessions of this series will receive a certificate of completion and will be entitled to one hour of free follow-up consultation after the last session.  You determine the content! 

Session 1: Introduction to Excel 2016 - Explore the many tools Excel provides to present and analyze complicated data. Master conditional formatting, cell reference styles, and pivot tables.  

Session 2: Basic Excel Tools - Gain control with Find and Replace, Auto-Format and Auto-Correct, conquer tables and charts, manage databases and get your message across using charts and  graphics.  

Session 3: More Excel Tools - Familiarize yourself with the Microsoft Office Ribbon and learn to enter and edit text and numbers, format cells, columns and rows, make calculations, create charts, and preview and print documents.  

To arrange for beginner and intermediate computer classes taught with extra practice time, employees should contact the Labor/Management Workplace Education Program at 413-545-6263.

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