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Unconscious Bias

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Unconscious Bias: Each one of us has unconscious biases and it’s important to recognize how our biases can negatively impact our actions and words. Learn to recognize how our unconscious biases can negatively impact the workplace and learn strategies to minimize that impact.

  • How aware are you of your implicit biases? Assess your awareness through the online Implicit Association Test run by Project Implicit.
  • Learn more about where our unconsious biases come from, the effect our biases have on the workplace, and ways to identify and avoid acting on our biases.
  • Did you know that there are more than 150 identified types of unconscious bias? Here are 9 common types to be aware of to make sure they do not show up in recruitment, promotion, task assignments, or performance reviews. Gain some strategies to counteract those common unconscious biases at work.
  • Watch this video to learn how to move towards, not away from, the groups who make us feel uncomfortable as one strategy to overcome our unconscious biases.
  • Watch how Facebook manages unconscious bias through its employee trainings.
  • Learn more at UMass: The Diversity Matters website is a central place to learn more about the university’s policies, procedures, and trainings to address issues of bias and discrimination, including how to report incidents of bias. The Office of Equal Opportunity is a key office that provides training, and oversees policies and procedures related to anti-discrimination and anti-harassment.