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Stress Management: We all experience stress at work - it can be short-lived or be a recurring experience. It's often the feeling of not being in control of a situation. It's important to look at how you respond to stress because that will directly affect how you are able to manage it. Effectively managing how you respond to stress can have a positive impact on your health, well-being, and your work.  

  • Increase your understanding of common types of stress
  • Challenge yourself to see stress as a positive that can make your life better through this video.
  • Read how you can choose to use stressful circumstances to become stronger and better.
  • If you are concerned about a co-worker who is experiencing stress, use some of these simple ways to offer support.
  • Want to make stress your friend? Watch this video and find out how. 
  • Utilize services at UMass: There are many resources on campus to help reduce and manage stress that include talking with someone, taking a moment to pause, or engaging in physical activity: Faculty & Staff Assistance Program, contemplative spaces, and Campus Recreation.