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Professional Development Certificate

Workplace Learning and Development and Labor/Management Workplace Education Program are pleased to announce the new “Professional Development Certificate” program, as it continues to promote and support staff development and empowerment through high quality workplace programs, resources and services.

A Professional Development Certificate will be awarded upon completion of attending at least 15 hours of professional development workshops.

Certificate requirements:

  1. All workshops must be offered through Workplace Learning and Development and/or Labor Management Workplace Education Program.
  2. Complete 15 classroom hours of learning as of 1/1/17, by taking multiple classes. ( Repeated workshops will not be applied to earning the certificate.)
  3. The required number of classroom hours must be completed within a 2 year time frame (24 consecutive months).
  4. Upon completion of your 15 hours, submit your list of workshops to the WLD office for verification.

Once verified, a certificate of achievement and a letter of congratulations will be mailed to you.

To begin:

  • Save the Employee Professional Development Certificate Tracking sheet to begin documenting your workshops today.