Positivity at Work

Personal Development

Positivity at Work:  We're at our best when we can thrive at work. What gets in the way at times may be our own way of thinking. It's not a natural tendency for people to focus on the positive. We're wired to have a natural bias toward the negative where we tend to pay more attention to what’s wrong than what’s right. Practicing positivity, which can lead to new habits, can overcome this tendency. The effect can be a profound one for you at work (and beyond) that results in you becoming more engaged, more creative, and more resilient - you're thriving! And you may be pleasantly surprised to see how your positivity can have an infectious effect on those around you.

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  • Maintaining a positive attitude can sometimes be easier said than done. Gain some simple strategies that can make a huge difference for you.
  • Try out these exercises and strategies to help you rethink what positive psychology is and how to attain it.
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