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Performance Management and Evaluation

Performance management is more than filling out a performance review once a year. Effective and meaningful Performance Management is designed to promote ongoing communication between a supervisor and employee regarding the planning and achieving of workplace priorities as well as the identification of successes and of any areas for performance improvement..

Workplace Learning & Development staff are available to meet with managers, supervisors and employees to identify and address needs and concerns on aspects of performance management and evaluation.  This can include indentifying the different policies and procedures for the various performance systems on campus, supporting goal development, and providing consultation on writing of performance reviews.

WL&D provides a Performance Management overview workshop for departments for free. Additionally WL&D can custom design performance management workshops upon request to meet your department or team's needs.

Additional Resources to support Productive Performance Management Practices:

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a “Coaching, Evaluating and Delivering Constructive Feedback” series.

For PSU/MTA Staff Unit A

UMass Amherst Human Resources (HR) Performance Management Program Guidelines (The PMP forms located under HR Forms)

For Faculty and Librarians

Non-Unit Staff



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