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New Supervisor Online Orientation

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This is the new supervisor online orientation program. The program allows supervisors and managers to access the same information as in the on-site new supervisor orientation workshop. (See the Workshops for Managers & Supervisors.) The program provides reading material, video tutorials, and opportunities to reflect on your role as a supervisor. Taking notes and writing down questions you may have as you go will help you as you proceed.

At the end of this training you will be provided with a training completion form and a training evaluation form. Please complete these forms, so that you can receive credit on your UMass Amherst Learning & Development Training transcript which is kept in your HR-Direct record.
The New Supervisor Online Orientation program will help you as you begin your work as a supervisor or manager at UMass Amherst. Throughout this program we will use the words "manager" and "supervisor" interchangeably.