New Supervisor Online Orientation

Margaret ArsenaultWelcome to the online version of the New Supervisor Orientation Program. We also offer a New Supervisor On-Site Orientation Program. You may choose to take the online version or the on-site version or both, but you are only required to take one.

The online program was created to allow supervisors and managers to access the same information available in the on-site workshop at a pace and time convenient to you. The program will provide reading material, video tutorials, and opportunities to reflect on your role as a supervisor. Taking notes and writing down questions you may have as you go will help you as you proceed.

At the end of this training you will be provided with a training completion form and a training evaluation form. Please complete these forms, so that you can receive credit on your UMass Amherst Learning & Development Training transcript.
Please contact Margaret Arsenault, Assistant Director, Workplace Learning & Development at (413) 545-5424 or with questions.


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