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Navigating Rough Waters - Apr

Whether the quiet storm you're navigating is inside your office, or follows you home at night, come join us to learn some simple body-based tools for reconnecting with your inner strengths.  And, use them as a foundation for riding whatever storms that frequent your days.  We can't just think our way to a more peaceful place.  Our body is both our anchor and our tiller.

We offer 2 sessions of this popular workshop this semester (Feb and April). Come to one or both. Each is a different "working session," applying the basic "navigating" principals to a particular group.

You will learn:

  • Understanding why you lose your way, or repeat the same old conflicts.
  • Ways to develop a new relationship to conflict
  • Body-based practices for staying more grounded and centered.
Available To: 
UMass faculty, staff and the public
Personal Development