Leadership Academy



Applications are now being accepted through June 14 for the Summer 2024 Foundations of Supervision Program.

Go to the Foundations of Supervision tab below for information about dates, eligibility, and application. 



Purpose: The UMass Amherst Leadership Academy expands the effectiveness of supervisors, managers and leaders to strengthen their capacity to build a community of choice by aligning the University’s values and mission with a successful practice of managing people, building relationships and driving results.

The Leadership Academy is comprised of a range of learning and growth opportunities for supervisory and leadership development at various levels - from aspiring supervisors to senior level leaders. The Leadership Academy offers classes and certificate programs to UMass Amherst employees.

History:  For over 20 years, UMass Amherst's Workplace Learning & Development has been a leader in designing and delivering high-quality leadership development programs for UMass and other state employee groups. The Leadership Academy has evolved from WLD's former signature program of 15 years, the SLDP (Supervisory Leadership Development Program), to a multi-option learning model.  


The Leadership Academy is open to UMass Amherst employees only.

Classes for Supervisory Skill Development

NEW!  A selection of in-depth classes for current supervisors to sharpen their skills, or for any employee interested in growing their career. 

Supervisory Skill Development Classes:

Communication Fundamentals
Managing Work Fundamentals

  • Classes run from 9am-3pm (full attendance is required) and will be offered monthly - times are subject to change.
  • Instructors:  Workplace Learning & Development
  • Registration required (no application needed)
  • This is not a certificate-granting program
  • Instruction format:  Lecture, group discussions, short readings, interactive exercises, practice, resource library

Foundations of Supervision Certificate

Foundations of Supervision is not for employees who only supervise undergraduate or graduate student employees. There are resources specific to supervising student workers.


Understanding the complexities of supervising at the university, strengthening foundational skills, core competencies and key behaviors needed to be an effective supervisor. 


The Foundations of Supervision program is for emerging supervisors at UMass Amherst, as well as those new to supervising in the University environment. Eligible individuals must:

  • currently be in a role of a direct supervisor at UMass Amherst* and
  • have 2 years or less of supervising experience at UMass or have supervisory experience and are new to supervision in the university environment

*A direct supervisor is the person to which an employee directly reports and who supervises the employee's work on a regular basis.



  • Positive Leadership Framework & Practices
  • Leadership and Personality Types
  • Growth Mindset
  • Psychological Safety
  • Coach Approach for Supervision
  • Feedback Culture
  • Performance Management
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Final Project and Presentation


Requirements to obtain a Certificate of Completion:

  • Attend all in-person sessions 
  • Complete 7 online Canvas courses (approximately 20-40 min. each)
  • Participate in 1 one-hour coaching session with a WLD coach
  • Complete homework assignments (readings, worksheets, self-reflection activities)
  • Submit and present final project  


Dates and Application:

  • Discuss your interest in the program with your manager. Consider ways your participation in the program can improve your performance and engagement as well as for your team.
  • Application is available for the Summer 2024 Foundations of Supervision Program. ​Deadline: Friday, June 14


Attendance of all the session dates is a requirement

Summer 2024

Session Times  Session Dates
 9:00 am to 3:00 pm  July 24
 10:00 am to 2:00 pm July 25
 9:00 am to Noon  August 1
 9:00 am to 1:30 pm August 6



Essentials of Management Certificate

Coming soon in 2024!

Focus:  Exploring the complexity of supervision at the University, allowing supervisors to build upon their current skill level to become more effective in their roles.

Strategic Leadership Certificate

To be announced

Focus:  Understanding of leadership dynamics, and providing tools and methods to create clear forward thinking strategies.