Kuali Session 3: Advanced Budgeting, GrantsGov

Participants will review additional budget items with special focus on Grants.gov (S2S) proposals, including: 
·        How to add subcontracts
·        How to link to a Grants.gov solicitation  
·        How to build NIH modular budgets
·        How to account for the NIH salary cap
·        How to account for cost sharing
·        How to modify the proposal and budget based on OPAS review comments

Participants will receive a Kuali Training Certificate of Completion if they complete all three proposal development trainings:
1.  Kuali Session 1 - Basics
2.  Kuali Session 2 - Budgeting 
3.  Kuali Session 3 - Advanced Budgeting, Grants.Gov

The trainings are progressive in content and it is strongly encouraged that users take them sequentially. 

Available To: 
UMass faculty and staff
Group Facilitator: 
Research and Engagement Administrators
For administrators engaged in proposal development, and faculty and graduate students who build their own proposals.
Research and Engagement
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