Kuali Proposal Development - Basics

Participants will learn how to navigate Kuali and complete the Proposal Development record, including: 
·        An overview of the Kuali platform, user dashboard, key concepts, and how to create a new proposal
·        How to enter preliminary proposal details – sponsor, grant type, grant period, etc.
·        How to fill out investigators RTF and intellectual credit splits
·        How to fill out the compliance sections and the questionnaire (IPF)
·        How to attach documents to fulfill UMass and Sponsor requirements
·        How to submit and route a proposal for OPAS approval and submission  
·        Learn how proposal validations work
·        How to print the full proposal 

Participants will receive a Kuali Training Certificate of Completion if they complete all three proposal development trainings:
1.  Kuali Proposal Development - Basics
2.  Kuali Proposal Development - Budgeting Part 1
3.  Kuali Proposal Development - Budgeting Part 2

The trainings are progressive in content and it is strongly encouraged that users take them sequentially. 

Available To: 
UMass faculty and staff
Group Facilitator: 
Research and Engagement Administrators
For administrators engaged in proposal development, and faculty and graduate students who build their own proposals.
Research and Engagement