Workplace Learning & Development

Promoting Employee and Organizational Growth and Development
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  • Charlie is the manager of the campus Mail and Distribution Services.

  • Frank comes to UMass as a Technical Consultant in the IT User Services by way of a 30 year career in IT as both a programmer and technologist.  His experience ranges from Fortune 100 companies to...

  • Amy is the Assistant Director for the Labor Management Workplace Education Program.

  • Kelly is an Assistant Director and a Grievance Officer at the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office.  She also serves as a Deputy Title IX Coordinator.

  • Sharon is an off-campus coordinator for the Labor Management Workplace Education Program.

  • Leslie is a Career Counselor and Next Step Instructor for the Labor Management Workplace Edcuation Program (LMWEP).

  • Michael is a retirement planner for Fidelity Investments.

  • Norm is the Manager of General Accounting at the UMass Controller's Office. He has worked on campus for over 15 years. Norm is responsible to ensure non sponsored activity is in compliance with...

  • Brian is the Labor Relations and Employee Relations Manager in the campus Human Resources department.

  • Angie Hircock is an account specialist for Atomic Learning and is their representative to UMass.

  • Jill is Assistant Director of Campus Recreation and Sports Clubs in the Athletic Department.

  • Jayne is an Accounts Payable Supervisor in the Controller's Office.

  • Nick is the Employee Labor Relations Administrator for the university. For over 10 years he was an arbitrator/mediator at the Western Massachusetts Board of Conciliation and Arbitration. He has...

  • John is the Director of Procurement here at UMass.

  • Sean is a staff member at the Controller's Office.

  • Lynn has been the Senior Budget Analyst at the UMass Budget Office here on campus for the past seven years. She is responsible for forecasting, planning and allocating the campus’ annual budget...

  • Dan is a representative for Empower Retirement (formerly Great West), a company that serves as the third-party administrator and record-keeper for the SMART Plan.

  • Ryan is an Associate Director and a Grievance Officer at the Equal Opportunity and Diversity office.

  • Betsey O’Boyle is a Financial Consultant in the Field Consulting Group at TIAA (, a Fortune 100 financial services organization and leading...

  • Keith is an employee for the Controller's Office.

  • Bill is Assistant Budget Director in the Budget Office.

  • Kelly is a Total Compensation Assistant in the university's Division of Human Resources. She has been directly involved with benefits administration since 1996.

  • Ray is the Assistant Accounts Payable Supervisor at the Controller's Office.

  • Dominic is the Emergency Medical Services Coordinator for the Environmental Health and Safety department.

  • Chris Spicer is a life coach, therapist, and consultant who specialized in working with where we get emotionally stuck in our personal and work lives. He was a project manager and led leadership...

  • Alex TherkelsenAlex is the Logistics/IT Specialist for the Procurement Office.

  • Anne is a financial analyst at the Controller's Office.