Workplace Learning & Development

Promoting Employee and Organizational Growth and Development
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Frank Aronson

Frank comes to UMass as a Technical Consultant in the IT User Services by way of a 30 year career in IT as both a programmer and technologist.  His experience ranges from Fortune 100 companies to...

Margaret Arsenault

Margaret is the Assistant Director for Workplace Learning & Development. She has extensive experience in the design and facilitation of workshops and seminars for public sector employees and...

Andy Berg

Andy is a Technical Support Consultant with UMass IT. He has many years of experience teaching people to use their computers more efficiently. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts...

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Amy is the Assistant Director for the Labor Management Workplace Education Program.

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Kelly is an Assistant Director and a Grievance Officer at the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office.

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Teri works out of the Controllers office as a financial analyst for State and Trust Funds.

R.Jamaal Downey

R. Jamaal Downey is currently a doctoral candidate at UMass Amherst.

His personal story and academic interest converge around: identity; language, ideology and consciousness; pedagogy, and...

Andrea Drake

Andrea is the International Program's Office inaugural International Travel Safety Advisor, a role that provides support for international health, safety, and security issues for UMass...

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Sharon is an off-campus coordinator for the Labor Management Workplace Education Program.

Gerald is currently in a doctoral program at the UMASS School of Education.  He became a member of the Workplace Learning & Development team in September 2010.

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Leslie is a Career Counselor and Next Step Instructor for the Labor Management Workplace Edcuation Program (LMWEP).

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Michael is a retirement planner for Fidelity Investments.

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Norm is the Manager of General Accounting at the UMass Controller's Office. He has worked on campus for over 15 years. Norm is responsible to ensure non sponsored activity is in compliance with...

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From the first time he picked up his parents' VHS Camcorder to documenting the first steps of his daughter, Matt has always been fascinated with the power of video. Focusing on his love of visual...

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Heather is a Sr. Account Representative at Empower Retirement (formerly Great West), a company that serves as the third-party administrator and record-keeper for the SMART Plan.

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Jayne is an Accounts Payable Supervisor in the Controller's Office.

Nelson Lacey

Nelson Lacey is a Professor of Finance at the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.  He is a CFA charter holder.  He serves currently as the Director of...

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Nick is the Employee Labor Relations Administrator for the university. For over 10 years he was an arbitrator/mediator at the Western Massachusetts Board of Conciliation and Arbitration. He has...

John O. Martin

John is the Director of Procurement here at UMass.

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Sean is a staff member at the Controller's Office.

Frederick (Fred) J McIver

Fred is a Technical Services Manager for UMass IT in User Services.  He graduated from UMass Amherst in 1979 and returned in 1999.  Fred has spent most of his time since graduating involved in...

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Lynn has been the Senior Budget Analyst at the UMass Budget Office here on campus for the past seven years. She is responsible for forecasting, planning and allocating the campus’ annual budget...

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Dan is a representative for Empower Retirement (formerly Great West), a company that serves as the third-party administrator and record-keeper for the SMART Plan.

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Ryan is an Assistant Director and a Grievance Officer at the Equal Opportunity and Diversity office.

Justin Olewnik

Justin is a Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company (VALIC) financial advisor for the University of Massachusetts 403(b) retirement plan.

Alison Ozer

Alison has been a professional dancer and licensed Massage and Shiatsu therapist. She has taught at major corporations and colleges around New York City and in Massachusetts, and at the New...

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Kelly is a Total Compensation Assistant in the university's Division of Human Resources. She has been directly involved with benefits administration since 1996.

Melissa Scheid Frantz

Melissa Scheid Frantz recently joined Workplace Learning & Development in summer 2015 as the Employee & Organization Development Specialist. Melissa has extensive experience working in...

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Dominic is the Emergency Medical Services Coordinator for the Environmental Health and Safety department.

Alexander Therkelsen

Alex is the Logistics/IT Specialist for the Procurement Office.

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Jeremy Vight has been working for IT for many years, first as a student and then as a full-time employee. He has a degree in Computer Engineering, and he specializes in copyright law and...

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 Jung is the director of New Faculty Initiatives at the Institute for Teaching Excellence and Faculty Development.