Guidance for Supervising Undergraduate Student Workers

General Guidance

For general information about student employment at UMass Amherst, including posting jobs and hiring forms, visit the website of the UMass Amherst Student Employment Office.  There you can also find the University's Student Employee Handbook.

Handbook For Your Office

Does your office currently have a student employee handbook/ manual? Now is a great time to review and update it, or create a new one. Consider providing your handbook in multiple formats that are easily accessible to the student workers as well as the staff who work with them. Formats can include PDF, hard copy, web format, and/or orientation and training videos. Take a look at three examples from other institutions to get ideas.

Quick Guides

Below are quick guides (PDF) on how to effectively supervise, support, and manage student workers. If you have questions about any of the guides, please contact our office:

  1. Interviewing
  2. Supervising Remote Students
  3. Plan Ahead 
  4. Orient Student Workers 
  5. Provide Ongoing Training 
  6. Scheduling 
  7. Conduct and Performance Expectations 
  8. Manage Performance and Give Feedback 
  9. Create a Supportive and Motivating Work Environment 
  10. Rehire/Terminate Student Employment 
  11. When there's nothing else to do! 
  12. Be Aware of Resources for Students of Concern 
  13. Writing Reference Letters for Student’s Grad School/Job Applications