Developing Inclusive Practices

Respectful Workplace and Diversity Workshops

We provide a wide range of workshops on both respectful workplace issues and specific diversity topics. These range from topics such as “Customer Service in a Multicultural Society” to “Addressing Inappropriate or Disrespectful Behavior in the Workplace."

Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation  

Intergroup Dialogue (IGD offers a unique oportunity to engage participants in substantive conversation with others from varied racial, gender, and class backgrounds.  Specially trained co-facilitator teams help group members strengthen their abilities to create positive empathetic relationships with people with different social identities, to understand the complex social world around them, and to work toward a more diverse integrated community.  Our consultants are available to offer introductory IGD experiences (2 1/2 hr. dialogues), or more sustained dialogues (2 1/2 hr dialogues over 6 weeks) to campus groups and organizations.  Topics for dialogue include race/ethnicity, class/rank, gender, religion, spirituality and secularity.  We also can customize (topic, length, etc.) the dialogues to best meet the needs of our clients.

Diversity Auditing

Our consultants provide a wide range of assessment tools and processes to assist you in understanding your successes and challenges around diversity topics. These tools may range in complexity from simple one-page questionnaires to multi-process organizational audits that can include surveying and/or interviewing employees, students, and other customers.

Diversity Video Library

We offer a wide range of respectful workplace and diversity topic videos as part of our Workplace Learning & Development Library. Our videos address specific topics such as customer service and multicultural team development, as well as, workplace racism, homophobia, and other diversity issues. Videos may be borrowed by any UMass employee for educational use in your workplace. The WL&D staff is also available to help you develop questions and facilitation strategies for post-viewing discussions with your work group.