Conflict Resolution

Workplace Skills

Conflict Resolution: Conflict is a natural part of work, and we can always improve how we approach and resolve conflict in order to foster a healthy and productive work environment.

  • Read more to understand how conflict can be meaningful and needed for the workplace.
  • Consider this TED Talk to help you understand conflict better. 
  • Read how culture impacts the prevention and resolution of conflict in teams, and how you can pay attention to key behaviors and attitudes of cross-cultural teams.  
  • There are many suggested models and strategies for resolving conflict. Here is one way to help you talk about difficult topics to help minimize conflict.
  • Understand why conflict happens in order to help move forward in any toxic conflict-ridden environment; whether it be conflict at work, home, or in the world. Check-out a digital copy of The Anatomy of Peace from the UMass Libraries to learn about the root cause of conflict.
  • Utilize services at UMass: There are several campus offices to help you talk through your options and help you strategize how to address workplace conflicts. Visit or contact the Ombuds OfficeFaculty & Staff Assistance Program, Equal Opportunity Office, Labor Relations, or WLD.
  • Learn with Linkedin Learning: Login and access the course Conflict Resolution Foundations