Building Diversity and Inclusion Certificate

Certificate Description:

The Building Diversity & Inclusion Certificate program recognizes an employee’s initiative and effort to develop their understanding and skills to enhance inclusion in our community.

What can you personally do to help improve the campus climate for diversity and inclusion? Take the action step from the UMass Strategic Plan to seek training opportunities to become more “adept at working in a diverse and inclusive environment, whether inside or outside the classroom, with colleagues, and with the general public.” 

*Employees can participate in any of the designated workshops/classes to receive the certificate of completion, or can participate in any of the workshops/classes regardless of the pursuit of a certificate.

Certificate of Completion Requirements:

  • All workshops (in-person or virtual) must be offered through Workplace Learning & Development (WLD) and/or The Partnership for Worker Education (WE).

  • Only workshops and classes that are designated as “Diversity & Inclusion” are eligible for the certificate.

  • New: LinkedIn Learning courses catergorized under " Diversity & Inclusion" of  30 minutes (.5 hours) or more can be included in your workshop/class list.

  • Complete at least 20 classroom hours of employee development classes and workshops listed in WLD and WE’s class catalog listings. (Repeated completion of a workshop is not eligible.)

  • The required number of classroom hours must be completed within a 3 year time frame / 36 consecutive months.

  • Upon completion of the minimum required hours, a list of completed workshops can be submitted to the WLD or WE office for verification (email, campus mail, or stop by the offices in 303 Goodell).

  • Once verified, a certificate of achievement and a letter of congratulations will be mailed.

To Begin: 

  • Register for WLD & WE workshops and classes that are designated as “Diversity & Inclusion”.

  • Save the Certificate Tracking Sheet to begin documenting your workshops and classes today.

  • Once all requirements are met, you can mail, email or fax the completed form. To mail, please send to Goodell, Room 303. To email, please send to or To fax, please send to (413) 545-5426


Outline of Diverse Group


The Building Diversity & Inclusion Certificate program is sponsored by Workplace Learning & Development and The Partnership for Worker Education