Residential Wind Energy: Getting Started

Are you interested in installing a small wind turbine at your home?

A residential wind system can be an excellent renewable energy choice if sited properly. Start your investigation by consulting one or more of the following guides:

Small Wind Electric Systems — A Massachusetts Consumer’s Guide, can be downloaded here.

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has a comprehensive section devoted to small wind including fact sheets, siting, permitting, financing, etc.

For information and myth-busting about all the “new” wind turbine designs as well as the truth about roof-mounted turbines, click here.

Windustry is a ground-breaking national non-profit devoted to promoting home and farms scale as well as community scale wind. Excellent information can be found here.

Wind pioneer and author Paul Gipe of Wind-Works has an excellent guide for homeowners and communities considering wind energy: Wind Energy Basics Revised: A Guide to Home- and Community-scale Wind Energy Systems. For that (and lots more) click here.