Wind Energy Funding Sources

A complete listing of state and federal incentives and rebates for renewable energy installations can be found here.

Commonwealth Wind (Massachusetts)

Massachusetts has one of the best incentive programs in the nation for renewable energy. The Commonwealth Wind Incentive Program (CommWind) provides rebate, grant, and loan funding for the installation of wind projects in Massachusetts. Funding is available for residential, commercial, industrial, and public facilities that are customers of investor-owned electric distribution utilities or Municipal Light Plant Departments that pay into the Renewable Energy Trust.

Community-Scale Wind

Community-Scale Wind awards grants for qualifying wind projects with a nameplate capacity greater than or equal to 100 kW. These funds are typically used for large-scale, behind-the-meter projects such as schools, farms, or manufacturing facilities.

Commercial Wind Initiative

The Commercial Wind Initiative provides grants and loans to developers of multi-turbine commercial projects.