aquagraphsAQUA is an open-source quality assurance platform for wind resource data. It is comprised of a set of computer codes that simplify the handling, maintenance, analysis, and reporting of large sets of concurrent data, such as those obtained during site assessment. The platform incorporates a number of other codes currently in use at the WEC, and is being written in the MATLAB programming language. The primary design objectives of the project are to create a system that is consistent in results, transparent in operation, and modular in applicability.

AQUA uses a standardized storage format to store data. Modular routines are designed to convert data files from a wide variety of logging equipment into the standardized format. The platform is designed to handle data concurrently recorded by multiple logging devices. Quality assurance routines are also designed in a modular fashion, as well as routines for the generation of data reports. The platform contains various utility codes that simplify the addition of custom reports and quality assurance methods. Combined with the open-source nature of the project, this modularity allows for the incorporation and sharing of the best practices of the participating community.