Hardware Development

Hardware development at the Wind Energy Center is based on decades of experience building wind turbines, testing wind turbines, and measuring the wind resource. Past research includes:

Advanced Wind Data Logger: The Wind Energy Center is developing a simple, open-source data logger, coded named Minuteman, compatible with AQUA, to provide a seamless collection, correction and archival environment for wind energy data.

SODAR: Using our three sodars, work is ongoing to improve the physical performance of the sodars.

LIDAR: The Wind Energy Center has developed improved communications and operational options for the Natural Power LIDAR.

Acoustic Doppler Profiler: The Wind Energy Center is operating an Acoustic Doppler Profiler to measure wave heights at prospective offshore wind turbine locations off the coast of Hull, Massachusetts.

Automated Wind Turbine Acoustic Sampler: The Wind Energy Center is designing an automated acoustic sampler that measures sound in the vicinity of a wind turbine according to IEC protocols. The sampler is designed for unattended operation.