Software Tools

The University of Massachusetts Wind Energy Center is actively involved in developing software that can be used by the renewable energy community. Although some applications are in early development, completed applications are available for free download. Feel free to forward us your comments and suggestions.


The Wake Induced Dynamics Simulator (WInDS) is a stand alone aerodynamic analysis code written in Matlab.  It is a lifting line base free vortex wake code written to explicitly account for unsteady offshore floating wind turbine aerodynamics.

Wind Engineering Mini Codes

The wind engineering mini codes are small stand-alone software codes used for data manipulation and processing tasks specific to analyzing wind data and wind turbine performance.


AQUA is an open-source software application used to process wind data from meteorological sites, for identification of erroneous or missing data. The application is under continuous development, including new methodologies suggested or written by the AQUA user community.


Hybrid2 is a major comprehensive design and simulation environment for modeling the performance of wind/diesel/solar integrated power systems. Hybrid2 can be used to model only wind, only diesel, or only photovoltaic solar systems — or combinations of each.


KiBaM is a stand-alone kinetic battery model, useful for simulating lead-acid batteries. The model is used to characterize the life-cycle performance of battery systems used in conjunction with various charging systems and loads.

Data Synthesizer (Beta)

Data Synthesizer is a beta test version of a parametric wind/solar/load data synthesizer.


WndScreen3 is a screening model, useful for overall size selection of the components of a wind/diesel hybrid power system.


FAST-SC is a modified version of the NREL code FAST, and was developed by Dr. Matthew Lackner at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2009 and modified through 2013